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Sexy Movie

Sexy Movie

Sexy Movie    03 December 2003


TMDb: 0/10 0 votes

A guy wanting a Hollywood career decides to make a porn film in the meantime.

The Offering

The Offering

The Offering    06 May 2016


TMDb: 4.1/10 47 votes

When young and successful reporter Jamie finds out that her sister has died in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Singapore to uncover the truth. There, she discovers multiple deaths linked to her sister's and must join forces with her sister's husband in order to defeat a demonic entity that is using new technology to complete an ancient mission.

The Encounter

The Encounter

The Encounter    03 May 2010


TMDb: 5.4/10 25 votes

When five strangers with nothing in common come together at a remote roadside eatery, they place their orders with the diner's omniscient owner, who seems to know everything about them ... and is eerily reminiscent of Jesus Christ.

Seventh Son

Seventh Son

Seventh Son    12 December 2014


TMDb: 5.3/10 1,366 votes

John Gregory, who is a seventh son of a seventh son and also the local spook, has protected the country from witches, boggarts, ghouls and all manner of things that go bump in the night. However John is not young anymore, and has been seeking an apprentice to carry on his trade. Most have failed to survive. The last hope is a young farmer's son named Thomas Ward. Will he survive the training to become the spook that so many others couldn't?

American Graffiti

American Graffiti

American Graffiti    01 August 1973


TMDb: 7.1/10 537 votes

A couple of high school graduates spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.